Highland Primary School
Proud Home of the Lobos

Welcome to Highland Primary School

A>D>E> Recognized Welcome to Highland Primary School, home of the Lobos! We serve grades K-3 in Snowflake School District, located in Navajo County in eastern Arizona. Highland Primary partners with families and the community of Snowflake, Arizona, to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for your child. We are committed to each Highland Primary student and look forward to welcoming you into the Lobos family!

We have created this site to best help you acquaint yourself with Highland Primary, so please dive right in!

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

Roy Owens with his sonIt’s with sincerity I send my gratitude out to our incredible community for the support they give to Highland Primary. For the past several years I’ve had to be the principal of Highland I’ve made some life time friends with students, parents, community members, and staff. I’ve felt the strong desire our community has to support the educational growth in our little ones and I feel good things have happened and will continue to happen as we work together to promote a positive learning environment for our children.

I want our parent teacher organization parents, and those working with them, to know how thankful we are for the many hours of service and support they give. They take time away from their responsibilities at home and work to make sure Highland students receive additional fun rewards and activities. I truly enjoy working these special mothers and their husbands that support them.

We want our community to know how much we appreciate the trust you place in us to teach your children. We understand our import roles as educators and take our responsibilities seriously. Although K-3 schools were not given school labels this past year by the state, we were very pleased with the success our students had during their state testing. We are very confident our Highland students were one of the top elementary schools in the state. We understand it takes all of us to educate the students and we thank you for all the support your give the kids at home. It truly makes a recognizable difference.

I’m thankful to be at Highland Primary. I’m grateful for a staff that’s dedicated to your children. I know they put in many hours over their contracted time to make sure they can give the best they have to give. They are the true miracle workers and I am thankful to work with them every day!

We once again thank you for the support and all the contributions you give to make Highland Primary such a unique and special place to teach these incredible students!

Go Lobos!


Roy Owens

Roy Owens, Principal

Roy Owens and his son barbecuing