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Planning your monthly calendar? Need some tips on how to help with your child’s development? We have you covered. On our News page, we bring you the latest from Highland Primary School and throw in a few helpful tips that we have come across lately.

Bathroom Remodel

View more photos of the bathroom remodelWe are excited to share an update and pictures with you concerning the boys and girls restroom renovation at Highland Primary. The project is moving forward as planned and is on schedule to be complete at the end of February or early March. The first stages of plumbing is complete with all new pipes installed under ground as well as in the walls. Sheetrock, tape, and texturing have been completed. At the present time, we have brick layers here working on their part of the project. Once their job is complete, painters will show up with those working on tile following. It is exciting to see the progress, and we look forward to modernized restrooms for the students. 

The portable restrooms outside have been working well for the kids during this process. We are impressed with the way the students adapted to the changes we have put in place during the construction. We want to thank everyone for your patience and support we have received during the bathroom remodeling. We know the kids, staff, and community will be very happy when the project is complete.

School Day on April 17

April 17, 2020, is now a school day. It was originally marked as a snow day. We have used that snow day, so we will have school on April 17. Please make any adjustments to your calendar.

It's an A Rating for Snowflake

We are pleased to announce that the Snowflake School District has earned an A label for two years in a row! Congratulations to the following schools for earning their A label:

  • Snowflake High School
  • Snowflake Junior High School
  • Snowflake Intermediate School
  • Taylor Intermediate School